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Wrought iron fencing, window grills, security gates for homes and businesses

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We provide all kinds of security and architectural solutions and services, from gates and fences, to locking boxes, anti-climb devices and barriers.
With years of experience in the sector you can rest in the knowledge that PRM will prove safety, security and beautiful architecture.

Aluminium Steps

Aluminium Checker plate Steps created for a local company for access to a chalet. With fully adjustable feet for use over uneven ground.

Footbridge Repairs

Repairs done to a local footbridge to keep it safe for the public.

Handrail Repairs

Multiple different styles of handrails made and installed across the country, both built and repaired both on site and in house.

Pit Lift Monument

Repairs completed on a local monument signify the mining done in the area.

Saltburn Pier

Repairs completed to the piers storm braces to fortify the pier.

Stair Cases

Custom staircase completed for a customer so they can have access to their above garage gym.

Structural Steel

Structural steel supplied for all sizes of structures from single story extensions to full houses.

BS EN 1090 -1:2009+A1:2011
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Handrails & Handrail Repairs
Client Testimonial

Set of Worktables made and delivered. Quality was exactly what we needed and the tables were strong, sturdy and have held up great.

by N Taylor

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Specialist welding | MMA, MiG, TiG and Pulse MiG for heavy aluminium and stainless steel.